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{September 8, 2006}   Mistress of Redemption by Joey Hill

When I first started hearing about this story, I was skeptical. Jonathan Powell was not a character to be liked in Natural Law or Holding the Cards, and I didn’t see much room for redemption. But this is a book by Joey Hill, and I read everything Joey writes. Her characters contain such depth and heart. She has a way of reaching into a character’s soul and laying them bare before the reader. Joey asks the hard questions of them, teaching the character about themselves while allowing the reader to join their incredible journey of discovery. 

Since the book had Joey’s name on it, I gave it a shot, and boy am I glad I did. This book has a different feel than most of her stories, yet still retained her very unique storytelling voice. In this amazing, heart wrenching tale, Joey will take you from the Gates of Hell to the Garden of Eden, and have you viewing Lucifer in a very different light. 

All I can really say is wow, Joey has done it again with this brilliant book. Jonathan/Nathan suffers great pain and anguish, being ripped down to blood and bone, left raw and exposed. Can he make a true change of heart, become a different man?  Can he walk through the fires of hell and retain any sanity or worth? Can Mistress Dona’s soul survive her attempt at redeeming him? 

No, I’m not going to tell you. Go and read the story to find out. The book is rated extreme and carries a warning about its “very gritty and frank journey to Hell…” and “…situation and scenes may be disturbing to readers.” Don’t let this warning scare you off. I found Joey’s vision of Hell to be fascinating and the extreme scenes were appropriate for the storyline. After all, attempting to turn around a true bad boy is going to take some extreme measures! 


This book is available from Ellora’s Cave

If you haven’t read any of Joey’s books before, do yourself a favor and pick up at least one of her gripping tales, which just may change your views on BDSM. You can thank me later for steering you in her direction. *g*


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