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{September 1, 2006}   Prize Patrol?

Each month I run a contest on my website. I also participate in various chats and list days where I give out prizes. I’ve given away gift certificates for
Victoria’s Secret and Chocolate Fantasies, among others. I’ve also given away books, a crystal dragon, jewelry, and fun tourist stuff collected on vacations.

My question is what do you like to see offered as prizes? Do you prefer book downloads, promotional items (pens, magnets, book marks, etc.), gift certificates for publishers or online merchants? Would you rather see trinkets (jewelry, knick knacks, candles, etc.) which I have discovered on shopping trips?

This is your chance to state your preferences. Let me know what you would like to see in future contests and giveaways.

Thanks in advance for the input!


Candy says:

I would like to see the following offered. Sometimes book downloads or gift certificates for publishers or online merchants. And sometimes trinkets (jewelry, knick knacks, candles, etc.) which you have discovered on shopping trips.


Christine says:

Personally I prefer book downloads or GC’s to publishers. But hey I’m a book slut what can I say? LOL

Great blog so far Nic, you and the ‘mistress’ did a great job. 🙂 *VBG* okay okay…clarification, you and the webmistress … better? *giggle*

LOL @ the ‘mistress’!

Thanks Candy & Christine. I appreciate your input.

Debbie E says:

OMG! Don’t faint on me! Yeah I know. What can I say? Life sometimes makes you too busy. School starts here on Tuesday. Woohoo!!!

I have 1 daughter in grade 8 and the other in grade 12 and so both are graduating this year. Yikes!!

You always have such great gifts Nic. I still love my bracelet. I also love autographed books from fav authors and GC from publishers are great as well. Ebooks are great and so are Arcs. All of the above which probably doesn’t help you at all.

A Huge Congrats on your book being released by Teri and you. I can’t wait to get it. Take care and hugs to you all!

Kelly says:

I like downloads,or publisher gift certificates. Really wanted to win the crystal dragon…

Hmm…maybe I’ll see if the crystal shop does gift cards. 😀

Carol says:

My favorite is gift certificates from or Barnes & Noble. Other gift certificates are good, too, or even chocolate, coffee, etc.
Second would be PRINTED copies of books.

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